Sylvan Lake Wins Kraft Hockeyville Contest

Even if you don’t play hockey, it is a building block of Canadian greatness. Whether you play, watch or encourage, hockey is something we as Canadians are proud of.

In January, Sylvan Lake lost a part of that pride. Our community arena finally gave way after standing tall in our town for four decades. It was devastating. In our arena, we learned to skate, played on teams, and cheered on our neighbours.

But the sadness was short-lived.  Our old lady was gone but the heartbreak that surrounded the event was turned into a beautiful letter that won Sylvan Lake the Kraft Hockeyville award for the year of 2014.

Not only will Sylvan Lake be hosting an NHL pre-season game, we will also be receiving a much needed $100,000 in arena upgrades. We have our ice pads at the multiplex and can continue our Canadian tradition. Despite the loss of an iconic Sylvan Lake landmark, we have our pride and the honour of representing Canada’s national sport for the year.

Sylvan Lake is passionate about our commitment to the sport and the great Canadian north. Our town is bursting with hockey pride.

Our multi-plex is becoming a new staple in the community and is going to be hosting all of our big rink events. We have tons of outdoor rinks in the winter but having an arena allows us to keep our hockey love alive year-round.

Sylvan Lake is a community that is proud of achieving such a great award. The Hockeyville award doesn’t bring a new sense of pride to our community. It added fuel to the fire of a well cultivated sense of community and achievement that already exists in each and every Sylvan Lake community member.

Kraft Hockeyville 2014 named Sylvan Lake because we are Canadian and we love hockey.