Sylvan Lake, Alberta – A Trip Worth Taking

A place filled with stunning outdoor escapes, a nearly endless list of things to do, and a certain charm that seems to exude its every corner, it is no wonder as to why so many have come to fall in love with Alberta’s Sylvan Lake. Whether they are outdoor enthusiasts, families looking for new ways to spend together or couples in search of a relaxing getaway, Sylvan Lake provides all of that and so much more.

Four Seasons of Fun

One of the greatest aspects that the area can boast is the fact that no matter what season it happens to be when you arrive, there is always something exciting to see, do and discover. In the summer, enjoy tennis, beach volleyball, and thrilling water sports. In the fall, watch as the parks and neighborhoods fill with brightly colored red and orange leaves. The winter brings endless fun with ice skating, horse drawn carriage rides and of course marveling at the lit up town strung with twinkling lights. Enjoy sunshine in the spring with hiking, fishing and camping. No matter what season brings you to Sylvan Lake, you are guaranteed a time filled with plenty of fun and adventure.

A Town Welcome to All

When you aren’t out exploring the many walking trails, zipping through the lake by jet ski or trying to catch the biggest fish of the season, you will find that simply exploring the town and its many other facilities that are welcome to all. Head to the Sylvan Lake Aquatic Center where you or your kids can go for a dip if you simply can’t bear the outside heat or you are trying to escape the winter chill. Another favorite of both locals and visitors is the Sylvan Lake Minor Hockey Association Multi-Plex where you can enjoy practicing new hockey skills, send your kids to hockey camps or enjoy a community event put on by the town. When done with either of those, simply wander about the town and discover the many inviting cafes, shops and restaurants.

Sylvan Lake is a place where you can enjoy an immensely wide range of activities of endless fun and yet also feel a sense of relaxation and charm that the city gives off to all who pay it a visit. Start planning your visit to Sylvan Park today, you won’t be disappointed you did.

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