Sylvan Lake Restaurants, Bars and Grills

Whether you’re in the mood for a family friendly restaurant, a lively outdoor bar scene, or a grilled entrée you’ll never forget, Sylvan Lake has it all.
There are a wide variety of cuisine options when strolling around Sylvan Lake. Check out the restaurants on the water, with a breathtaking view of the sunset over the lake. Don’t miss out on the ice cream and candy stores for when you’re done! And once the sun goes down, Sylvan Lake boasts an impressive bar scene, sufficient for bar goers of all ages. Put your dancing shoes on and explore the outdoor bar scenes for an unforgettable night. And if bars aren’t your thing, check out the reputable grill restaurants, all equipped with 5 star ratings and stellar customer reviews.
There isn’t a food or nightly entertainment need that can’t be met at Sylvan Lake. Bring the whole family, or just your spouse, and experience the decadence and community spirit on your next trip to Sylvan Lake.

Lakewood Golf Resort Ltd.

Box 9078
Sylvan Lake, AB T4S 1S6
This licensed Grill offers a varied menu ranging from delicious meals to light snacks. And be sure to check out the great meals included in their Friday 9 and Dine specials.

Pier 7 Family Restaurant & Lounge

5227 Lakeshore Dr
Sylvan Lake AB T4S 1Y8
Pier 7 Restaurant & Lounge in Sylvan lake, AB offers excellent dishes with only the finest fresh ingredients.